If you spend enough time digging through old records, you're bound to find some truly bizarre music, and it seems like 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon learned that lesson the hard way. Fallon is a big music guy -- he even listens to it in his brand new truck!! -- but that doesn't mean he loves all music. In fact, he's got so many records he can't stand that he's cued up a new segment on the show: "The Do Not Play List."

It's not that these songs are bad -- though some of them certainly are -- but it's that they are just weird. No, really weird, like the band that wrote a song all about a single episode of 'General Hospital,' or the guy who pretends he's not Elvis Presley while singing a song about a washing machine. There's even a soul singer who wants to see the doorknob hit someone on, well, you'll see.

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