The 2014 NCAA Tournament will be remembered for a lot of things, but unpredictability will be at the top of the list. As Connecticut ran out the clock to become the first 7-seed to win the national championship, the only expected moment of the tournament was just around the corner: 'One Shining Moment.'

As it does every year, the college basketball season came to a close with a video montage set to the Luther Vandross classic, which can bring out emotion in even the toughest fans. It's three weeks of tension, exhilaration, heartbreak and joy (at least for one lucky team and its fans) compressed into just three minutes, but it's perfect.

As the video played on television, AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, played it on the enormous video boards hanging over the court. The victorious Huskies suspended their celebration to gather as a team and look up to re-live one of the most memorable runs in tournament history, providing us with this indelible image:

UConn Watching One Shining Moment
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

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