"Sometimes there just aren’t enough surgeries – or doctors – or chemotherapies – or prayers. And you have to wipe the tears from your cheeks and say the words that you were hoping to never have to say…


Rory of the country duo Joey + Rory recently took to his blog to share with their fans that his wife Joey would not be continuing her cancer treatment.

I cannot imagine the pain and heartbreak this family is feeling, but I know that it is too common that so many people are going thru the same thing.

Rory continues to say... "So we did what you do when the medicine isn’t working, and the doctors are at a loss…and when the ‘statistics” say you can do more chemo, but it will only buy you a little time… We came home. Not to die. But to live."

Our thoughts and prayers are with this sweet family.

For Rory's complete blog, click HERE.

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