Some people like John Calipari. Some people don't like John Calipari. And those that don't either don't like him because he's John Calipari or because he's the UK coach. It's no secret "polarizing" has been an adjective used to describe him from time to time.

It's also no secret that his name floats through the air EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. there's an NBA opening, whether it would make sense for him to take the job or not.

The Oklahoma City Thunder is a good example of an NBA job you'd want at the beginning of the 2015-2016 season. But they wanted Billy Donovan and he wanted them. Done deal. And now "Billy the Kid," Durant, Westbrook and company are in the Western Conference Finals.

And I don't believe for one second that Calipari looks at that and says "That could've been me."

Because I'm one of those (maybe in the minority?) whose always believed that the University of Kentucky is his retirement gig.

And now, he's finally said it, himself.

In spite of annual swirling speculation about this NBA job or that one, John Calipari now plans to be Kentucky's head coach as long as KENTUCKY wants him.

I remember hearing him say that, at 62, he might want to give it up and do other things. But now he's saying he plans to coach well into his 60s and plans to do it at UK.

I've NEVER believed this man would want to wade back into the NBA waters where coaches are fired at the drop of a hat.

Who wants that your late 50s or early 60s?

Plus, look at Jim Boeheim. This guy is 71 and just took a 10th-seeded Syracuse team to the Final Four.

Look at Mike Krzyzewski. He has a Duke team that will be hard-pressed to lose a game next season, a season during which he'll turn 70.

Coaches are doing this longer. And Calipari wants to, as well.

And, at the risk of going out on a limb, I think Kentucky is fine with that.