That's a headline for the ages. Now before you start burning up the road like it's the Autobahn, here's some background on the ruling that was passed down in Jefferson District Court last week. 

Kevin Curry of Greensburg was pulled over on I-71 last October as he was clocked at 93 mph in an area where the posted speed limit is 55. He fought the citation and not because he thought the officer had faulty equipment but he argued the state speeding laws are "convoluted" and unclear.

Jefferson District Court Judge Julie Kaelin finds the law has three major sections that govern speeding are indeed vague and unconstitutional. It was mentioned in her decision that speed limit signs aren't even specifically referred to in Kentucky's speeding law.

Kaelin's decision will be likely appealed forcing a higher court to put legislators in the position of clearly defining what actual speed limits are. State law indicates interstates must have a speed limit of 65 mph unless the state Transportation Secretary issues an official order to raise or lower it. Local governments can also set limits through city/county ordinances.

Locally, the speed limits have gone up on both I-165 and the bypass. I just thank the Lord for cruise control.

Should speeding be enforced by the law or the posted sign?

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