After nearly five years at the helm of Kenergy Corp, President and CEO Sandy Novick announced to the co-op’s Board of Directors his plans to retire, effective in June.


Novick informed the board of his decision at its monthly meeting on Dec. 13.  The Board of Directors plans to launch a national search for Novick’s replacement.

When Novick, 63, interviewed for the job at Kenergy, he indicated he planned to work for five to seven years.  June marks his fifth year with the co-op, which ranks No. 1 nationwide for the number of kilowatt hours sold.  It sits among the top 10 percent of co-ops nationwide for the number of meters served.

Today, in a memo to Kenergy’s 147 employees, Novick wrote:  “I have enjoyed tremendously working with all of you. You are as dedicated and hardworking professionals as any I have had the opportunity with which to work in my 41-year career. I believe Kenergy is in excellent shape right now, and I attribute that success to you.”

Novick guided the co-op through Kentucky’s worst natural disaster – the Ice Storm of January 2009.  The storm delivered a devastating blow to Kenergy territory, causing nearly $34 million in damage to the co-op’s infrastructure. The storm downed 3,350 power poles and knocked out electricity to 50,000 of the co-op’s 55,000 members.  Some members lost power for up to three weeks.

During the calendar year before the devastating storm, Novick and his team weathered a smaller ice storm and the remnants of Hurricane Ike, both of which created large power outages.

“Three events of that magnitude would prove trying for any utility if they took place during a 10-year span,” Novick said. “Kenergy not only survived all three in one year, the co-op emerged smarter, stronger and better prepared to meet the future.”

With regret, the Kenergy Board of Directors accepted Novick’s plan to retire in June, said John Warren, chairman of the Board of Directors.

From the beginning, the board appreciated Novick’s community-minded attitude, Warren said.  Novick quickly formed relationships throughout the co-op’s service territory, serving on various boards and becoming involved in civic organizations.

“Sandy has been an outstanding leader for Kenergy employees and a champion for the co-op’s members,” Warren said. “The board appreciates Sandy’s service and wishes him well in his future endeavors. Finding someone to replace him will be a difficult task.”

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