Renee Jones, Director of Marketing for Kenergy was on the Joe Lowe Morning Show Monday July 2nd to discuss a new consevation program rolled out by Kenergy last Friday. Those who signed up for the Conservation email found this in their inbox.  


In recent years, wholesale power supply costs have become an increasingly large portion of the co-op's total operating expenses. A huge part of the power supply cost is determined by the energy used and maximum level of power required during "peak" load periods, when our members are using the greatest amount of electricity. 

By reducing the amount of power used during peak periods, members can help lower Kenergy's wholesale power supply costs, which benefits members directly and indirectly. That's why the co-op has started a Beat the Peak program that asks members to voluntarily curb their use during times when Kenergy could hit a peak. 

You may ask how lowering Kenergy's cost would benefit you, its member. It's simple.  Members own Kenergy; therefore, they derive an indirect benefit when they help the co-op reduce costs. More directly, however, by curbing use, members can reduce their energy consumption and cut their electric bills. 

Here's how the Beat the Peak program will work: 

Initially, we plan to send Beat the Peak alerts during July, August, September, December, January and February – the three hottest and coldest months of the year. 

Through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, Kenergy will send Beat the Peak alerts about twice a month. Those messages will provide suggestions to slash your use.  We will ask you to use appliances during off-peak times or change the temperature setting on your air conditioner or heating system by a couple degrees. 

 None of Kenergy's suggestions will change your quality of life.  Finally, this program relies on voluntary participation only.

 If you want to Beat the Peak, send an e-mail to  Or you can follow us on Twitter and receive our tweets on your phone.  For tweets, simply go to our Web site at and click on the Twitter button.  

Thanks for helping us Beat the Peak!


Renee explained the voluntary program to 1490 WOMI listeners.

This is a great and easy program that will help us all hold down energy rate increases. I certainly hope you will get on the email list and help Kenergy Beat the Peak.....

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