There are countless examples of awesome architecture in the United States, and even here in the Tri-State, but there are also some examples that are "eyesore" worthy.

The Empire State Building, the White House, Willis Tower, and the World's Largest Basket Building in Ohio, are all buildings that you can look at in amazement. As you know, we have so many buildings scattered throughout the United States that are simply breathtaking. I'm sure you can think of some even here locally. However, for every beautiful building we have, there's also one that can be a bit unsightly.

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The website, Travel A Lot, ranked the most unsightly buildings in each state. The post says:

<p>There is plenty of breathtaking architecture to be found in the United States, but unfortunately, every building can't be a winner. When it comes to questionable buildings, we've got everything from the depressingly boring to the truly bonkers. </p><p>Today, we're taking a look at the most questionable building that each state has to offer. These will leave you scratching your head and wondering why anyone would pay to make them a reality. Would you like to see these replaced with something more beautiful? </p>

So it's one big countdown to the ugliest building in the United States, and it all leads to one building in Kentucky.

The Ugliest Building in the United States

Travel A Lot says that the ugliest building in the United States is found not too far from home. It's located in Louisville, Kentucky. Which building is it? Well, it's home to Louisville's Ruth Chris Steakhouse. The Kaden Tower landed at number one on this ranking.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here's what Travel A Lot had to say about the Kaden Tower:

<p>The Kaden Tower in Louisville was apparently designed by a student of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It seems like the guy could have used a few more lessons before he tried his hand at designing this building. </p><p>The building originally opened in 1966, and while it looks like the whole thing is covered in barbed wire, the official term for the design is "cantilevered structure with a suspended lacework facade." In addition to the weird look, it's also home to a weird combination of tenants--the bottom floors are offices, while there's a Ruth Chris Steakhouse on the top floor. </p>
Google Maps
Google Maps

While Ruth Chris does serve up some delicious steak, this building has always looked odd to me every time I have driven by it. Honestly, I think if they removed the decor from the windows and got a new paint job, it wouldn't even be on this list the next time they do it. Just a little TLC is all it needs.

You can take a look at what other buildings made this list by clicking here.

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