My first adventures in camping were with a tent. At a very young age, I remember going to Turkey Run State Park with my mom, aunts, and cousins. Fast forward to my first marriage and our pre-children camping trips. Then to more recently, when my now-husband and I started tent camping and then moved to a pop-up.  With all of these trips, I had a hard time sleeping.

Not because of the heat, but because of my imagination. All of the night noises would have me feeling nervous and uneasy. My thoughts have a tendency to run away with me. I will go down every bad avenue that there could possibly be. Either I'm going to get attacked by an animal, a person or people, or a ghost.

Now, I'm not sure why I feel like a ghost will get me in a tent and not a camper, but I do. In a camper I feel safe and locked in tight, therefore I can get a goods night's sleep without my mind racing too much.

That is unless the campground is known to be haunted. Then, I think my mind would race right to a ghost beside my bed. See, my thoughts are terrifying. Crazy, yes, but the stuff Stephen King novels are made of.

While we were camping at the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky, my husband and I heard some very frightening stuff. We never saw anything scary or unusual at Birmingham Point Campground, but the stories and legends of ghosts were everywhere.

I’ll have to admit one thing that stuck out to me how very creepy it was to look down at the water's edge. There was a road leading into the water. My understanding is that when the lake was made, a town was flooded. Now it’s an underwater ghost town. I get chills just typing underwater ghost town.

Foggy lake
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According to,

When the water level in Kentucky Lake is low, the remnants of foundations and streets are often visible, especially at Birmingham Point.

From angelicarboreals on,

Although many homes were moved there still are many homes and buildings below the surface. Many graves were moved, but in the first years following the flooding of the area, it was not uncommon for the water to make its way below the lake floor and loosen a lost or forgotten casket and cause it to float to the surface. Maps are readily available for people to use as a guide to dive to see old homes and gravesites.

The thought of this even made me leary to swim in the lake, but I did anyway. I just tried not to think about the city below me. I may have used alcohol to dull my senses and my scary imagination.

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