Recently, while we were driving in Bowling Green we approached a curve and I slowed way down. That still didn't stop my car from nearly fishtailing into oncoming traffic. The road was wet.

We were fortunate that I was able to correct the skid and not come in contact with a big black SUV pulling a trailer. Wouldn't have been good. But it did make me think of fall and all the leaves that will land on streets and roads and become a traffic hazard. They're worse than rain, in my opinion.

But if I'm a motorcyclist, I have more hazards to deal with during the year than just fall and winter. Bikers have to take lawn-mowing season far more seriously than the rest of us. When that grass hits the road, it becomes slick--especially if the grass is wet.

Last year, a writer for the Murray Ledger & Times shared a story about the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and a great big grass blower they have to get grass off the road.

A couple of years ago, a Kentucky state senator pre-filed a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to blow grass onto the road, even though grass wasn't specifically mentioned and likely came under the broader heading of "debris." But I haven't been able to locate any follow-up in my searches.

So this officer from Flatwoods in Boyd County was just offering a friendly reminder:

And that picture has gone viral across the Commonwealth and beyond. That's because it IS a hazard for cyclists. I have friends who ride and they can attest to incidents that were a little touch-and-go.

Soon, this won't be an issue as autumn continues to descend and lawns begin to turn brown.

And then we'll have to worry about the leaves.

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