When you go hiking, in the woods, you never know what you might see. Just last year, I went to Harmonie State Park, walked on some trails by the Wabash River, and saw a crazy boat nose-first in the sand. Talk about a double-take.

I never expected to see something like that. I've also written about random creepy statues in the woods, Bigfoot sightings, a couple of flying saucer-looking objects on the sides of mountains and in fields, even a car buried in a mound in the middle of nowhere, for no apparent reason. So weird.

Now, on one of my hiking Facebook groups, I came across something very interesting. Unlike some of the other strange things in the woods, this is all the work of Mother Nature. While hiking in Red River Gorge, Carole and her friend Jessica came across something unexpected and looked very unusual in the woods of Kentucky. Let's just say, what they saw, at first glance, didn't belong in this neck of the woods.

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According to Carole's Facebook post, she describes it like this...

I stopped in at Angel’s Windows in Red River Gorge yesterday to check on the grazing horse and found a Panda in a tree on the way out.

Carole Anderson and Jessica Green Isham/Facebook

Do you see it? Up in the far-right, top corner of the photo.

Carole Anderson and Jessica Green Isham/Facebook

Let's get a little closer.

Carole Anderson and Jessica Green Isham/Facebook

From a better angle, you can clearly see the panda bear holding onto the tree. The coloration on the tree bark and the placement of the tree moss make it look exactly like a panda bear.

Carole Anderson and Jessica Green Isham/Facebook

Just like clouds in the sky, nature grows and forms familiar and recognizable animals, objects, and scenes for us. According to Carole, this is where you can find the panda in the tree,

About halfway on the return trail (a tree splits the path and you will have passed both glory holes) at this point search up in trees to the left. That is where the Panda was found. Once you see the horse you need not go any further out.

I'm going there in September, wonder if the panda will have grown into something else. I'll take some pics.

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