The mystery of the Kentucky chupacabra may now be solved. That’s because while wildlife officials have been scouring the state in search for something resembling a devil dog, that famers claim have been mauling their livestock, it turns out that it all of that carnage could have been brought down by a man.

Derek Nance has survived for the past five years by consuming raw meat from the animals that he butchers. Shockingly, he partakes in just about every portion of the animal from the carcass to the inside organs and fat. And even though his diet, which closely resembles that of a rabid coyote, is enough to make even the strongest stomach turn, Nance suggests that it has cured him of a bizarre illness.

Several years ago, Nance was forced to try some different diets because the one he had been on all of his life was all of sudden making him sick, causing him to suffer a constant vomiting rampage. That is when he stumbled on to the Paleo diet and took its principles to the extreme – he started eating raw meat.

The 30-year-old Kentucky native now survives strictly on raw meat from farm animals, with lamb being his favorite. "I wash it all down with a good cup of blood," he says.

What do you think: Could you make the switch to this unusual diet?

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