Doesn't everyone deserve to be someone's Valentine?


The idea of residents receiving cards from the public started a few years ago with the pandemic hit and people we basically shut out from visiting and the sweet seniors were shut in from the world.  Employees worked together to come up with a way that everyone could win.  Cards poured in from all over and the residents had their most amazing Valentine's Day Celebration.

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Many of the residents sadly don't have families that come visit them and may not receive any type of card or mail throughout the year.  Holidays are the absolute perfect item to make sure they are thought of.  Think about how special you feel when someone sends you a Christmas card or Birthday card you weren't expecting.  This is the very same thing only on a multiplied level.  We live in a world now where everything is done by text or social media these folks remember a time when snail mail was all they knew.  It is special, kind, and could literally turn their day around knowing they were special enough to get a card or letter.


Here is the Facebook post from Dogwood Estates in Beaver Dam;

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner we were hoping with help of our community we could get some Valentine’s cards made up to share with the residents this year.  If you are interested and want to share some love and your time we would love for you to drop off any Valentine’s you could put together any time between now and Valentine’s Day.  


Dogwood Estates Nursing Home
949 west 7th st Beaver Dam, KY 42320

You don't have to put names on the cards or letters you can put "To Someone Special" or "For A Lovely Lady" or "To My Friend".  Anything like this or leave the To part blank.


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