On July 3, 2015 Crystal Rogers, of Bardstown, KY, went missing. She was last seen by her  live-in boyfriend, Brooks Houck, according to the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office. Houck told police that Rogers, a mother of five, was up late and disappeared by the following morning. He waited two days before reporting her disappearance to police. Her family is questioning Houck though he's been cooperative and took a polygraph test. Rogers' sister told ABC News:

"The stories just don't add up. You just don't go to bed one night and not know she's gone and then not worry when she left the baby," Ballard said. "He has not offered once to search -- or help -- or do anything for the family."

Crystal Rogers’ maroon Chevrolet was found with a flat tire alongside Bluegrass Parkway with keys, purse, diaper bag, and uncharged cell phone in the car.

It has been a year since Crystal disappeared and she has not been seen or heard from. One might think that a case like this would have gone cold but Kentucky police are still diligently seeking the truth. In fact, just this summer, police have turned their attention towards Houck's family. His brother, Nick Houck, was fired from Bardestown police for interfering with the investigation and Houck's own grandmother is under scrutiny too. Police searched a white Buick that she sold after Crystal disappeared, as well as her home. She has since hired a lawyer and pleaded the Fifth Amendment due to her diminished mental capabilities. The findings haven't been released yet and Crystal's family remains hopeful that these searches will yield clues to their daughter's whereabouts.

In the wake of Crystal's disappearance, her family remains active in the investigation - hiring a private detective and speaking out on media. It's heartbreaking to see a family so desperate to find their daughter - no matter what the outcome. My thoughts and prayers go out to her parents and children.

If you have information or have seen Crystal, please call 911 immediately.

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