Now this is hilarious and, quite honestly, Shark Tank-worthy.  I think we can all agree that this summer has been hot and humid and we've all been trying to come up with creative ways to stay cool.  But this idea is absolute genius.  One local driver installed a window unit in the family van.

Have you all see this van driving around Owensboro?

Natalie Ewers

Natalie Ewers snapped this photo of it.  And, yes, that's exactly what you think it is.  They have a window air conditioning unit mounted in the back window of the vehicle.  LOL!

Hey, I don't blame them.  July and August have been horrendously hot.  So, more power to the owners of this van.  Crank that thing to "HIGH" and stay cool!

If anyone knows the owners of this van, we would love to talk with them.  We think this is absolutely brilliant and this photo made our day.  Keep on truckin' and bring on Fall!