In our family, we stick pretty close to tradition when it comes to the Thanksgiving Day meal.

I guess the only thing we leave out is mashed potatoes.

And while everyone in my family loves mashed potatoes (because who doesn't), we've never eaten it on Thanksgiving...and by consensus.

No one has ever minded.

But, yeah, we have turkey, dressing (or is it stuffing...or is it dressing...or is it...), corn (in the form of corn pudding), cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole.

And, yes, we have marshmallows on top of the sweet potatoes. I've heard some people recently tell me they think that's gross.

I cannot wrap my brain around that kind of thinking.

But sweet potatoes are NOT at the top of a recent poll that determined the least favorite Thanksgiving food in Kentucky.

According to, the dubious winner--from a survey conducted by The Daring Kitchen--is (drum roll please)...GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE.

Yep, Kentuckians just don't like it. Neither do folks who live in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and several other states in the nation's midsection.

They didn't ask me.

I love green bean casserole. It is a must. It is the BEST way to liven up green beans (which always need livening up, if you ask me), and it has been a fixture on my family's Thanksgiving table for as long as I can remember.

Now if the survey simply represented MY tastes, cranberry sauce would be on top.

I hate it.

But only in its original form...out of the can. The texture of cranberry sauce is just disgusting.

However, if it's part of cranberry salad (with pineapple and walnuts), I do a 180.

By the way, cranberry sauce IS Indiana's least favorite dish, so I'm close.

What about you? What traditional Thanksgiving food do you like the least?


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