Here's something odd and random. Or maybe it's neither. But I was just thinking the other day...I have NEVER been out of town on Christmas Day. It's never happened.

My family's always been here. Even back in the day, the extended family we'd visit on my dad's side was all here in town.

So, yeah, I've wondered what other parts of the world are like on December 25th. Because I really have no idea.

With that in mind, I Googled "Christmas in Kentucky" and found a whole list of activities that could occupy a great deal of time for anyone who wants to tour the Bluegrass during the holiday season.

First, there's any number of Nutcracker performances to enjoy. There's a Victorian Christmas, Breakfast with the Grinch, a live reindeer encounter (Is it planned? Do you have to just be lucky?).

How about tea with Mrs. Claus or Christmas at the Galt House?

Whatever you think you'd like to do to celebrate a Kentucky Christmas, you now have a world of opportunities.

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