You're invited to feel the thunder.  The Thursday Night Thunder!  Kentucky Motor Speedway in Whitesville is one of the three stops on a King of the Wing Sprint Car Series tour that's delivering exciting racing action to three tracks in three days!  Those stops are at Veterans Complex (formerly Highland Rim Speedway) in Greenbrier, Tennessee, Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville and Kentucky Motor Speedway in Whitesville!

For the first time in its 60-year history, KMS is hosting a Thursday Night Thunder event.  The King of the Wing Sprint Car Series is "one of the newest and most exciting traveling asphalt sprint car series" in North America.  And we're thrilled to share it's rolling into the tristate this week- right here in our backyard.

The King of the Wing series was founded by former Indy Car driver Davey Hamilton.

Here's the lineup for the racing action Thursday night-

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Gates open at 2pm.  Qualifying begins at 6pm and racing gets underway immediately following qualifying.  It's going to be a night of fast and furious racing.

General admission tickets for the event are just $15.  Pit tickets are $40.  Plus, if you save your ticket from Thursday Night Thunder and present it at KMS Sunday night, you can enjoy racing on August 8th for just $5.

The King of the Wing Series was founded back in 2014 with "the goal of working with teams, promoters, fans and sponsors to strengthen pavement winged sprint car racing from coast to coast."  Well, this week, that sprint car racing hits the pavement at Kentucky Motor Speedway, which is located at 8135 Haynes Station Road in Whitesville, Kentucky.

For more information about KMS and its upcoming schedule of racing events, you can LIKE them on Facebook!


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