This may be one of the most epic family photos I have ever seen in my life.  Look, when I was a kid, our family photos were pretty standard and boring.  Every Christmas Eve, we would all sit in front of my grandparents' wood-burning stove and pose for a family picture.  It was very "Wham. Bam. Thank you, Polaroid and Father Christmas!"

Well, check this out!  Lorene Mattingly's family just got together and turned a birthday celebration into what may possibly be the most epic and FIERY family photo ever.

My buddy Stuart Snow and his daughter Ashlie worked together to capture the incendiary moment perfectly.  Lorene's family had gotten together to have a big birthday celebration for Robert Payne and his daughter, Robbi Carrico.  Now, here's the connection.  Stuart is really good friends with the family and Robert actually made the cannons that Stuart uses in his professional fireworks shows that he stages around Daviess County.  Stuart thought it would be fun to surprise him and show Robert just how well the cannons work.

So, when Robert was doing some skeet shooting, Stuart launched a gigantic fireball out of the cannon.  Robert was definitely surprised.  Who wouldn't be?  It was friggin' awesome.

Then, Stuart surprised the whole family with an absolutely genius idea!  He suggested staging a big family photo with the fireball going off in the background.  The rest is now well-photographed history.  Naturally, the thought of the photo was too irresistible to pass up.  So, Lorene and the gang rounded up their shotguns, posed the family and got ready to see "Cheese!!"  Or, in this case, maybe they said, "Flaming Hot Cheetos!"  This "cheese" was on FIRE!

Take a look!

Knottsville Family Poses for a Fiery Family Photo

This is the greatest family photo ever! Robert Payne and his daughter Robbi Caricco just celebrated a big birthday event with their family. So, they decided to take an absolutely epic family photo that came complete with a gigantic fireball.
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How much fun is that?

Stuart called the morning show today and shared what inspired the photos.

And, then Lorene joined us.  She is HILARIOUS!!

The big photo shoot took place at Robert's other daughter's house.  And while it looks like Cecile and Brandon Lanham's yard went up in flames, it really didn't.  Stuart's a pro and the family photo was taken under his expert supervision and they have a family memory preserved for the ages.

And I gotta say!  If they take Stuart's advice, this is going to be the BEST Christmas card photo ever!


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