The single-use plastic bags at Kroger will be a thing of the past once 2025 becomes the past.

Kroger is phasing them out as part of its Zero Hunger|Zero Waste commitment.

PRNews spoke with Kroger chairman and CEO Rodney McMullen who calls it "a bold move that will better protect our planet for future generations."

McMullen says his stores will go with reusable bags in six years.

PRNews also spoke with Kroger's executive vice president and COO, Mike Donnelly, who indicated customer input will be very important during this transition and that the transition, itself, has been decided upon based on consumer concerns.

Certain statistics cited reveal that Americans dispose of more than 100 billion single-use plastic bags every year. Additionally, less than five percent of those bags are recycled.

Kroger, like other large stores, already offers reusable bags for purchase.


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