The Pope Lick Goat Man patrols the old train trestle at Pope Lick and is to be avoided at all costs. Many have climbed onto that old bridge looking for him.

It's NEVER a good idea.


I love legends. They make America tick. Bigfoot and all of its incarnations, the Sheepsquatch, and, of course, the Pope Lick Goat Man.

With a legend as popular and potent as Goat Man, you NEED a scary attraction to accompany it.

Louisville has one. says that, as your experience begins, you will enter the haunted Pope Lick Woods, armed with only a flashlight.

You'll walk under the historic train trestle and "explore the mysteries of the Pope Lick monster and encounter others that have tried to find the Goat Man and failed."

And according to, the team that's been excavating the Pope Lick area has been looking for more and more clues about the Pope Lick legend and WHY it's a legend.

In its search, the team came upon the remnants of an old carnival spook house that was part of an old circus.

The structure, or what remains of it, is now part of the experience.

How cool is that?

The Legend at Pope Lick is now open in Louisville and is awaiting the bravest of you and will do so through October 19th.

I think we should experience the legend while we can.

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