UK Wildcat and Indiana Hoosier fans!!  You're doing your home cities proud.  According to a new WalletHub survey, Lexington, Kentucky and Bloomington, Indiana are in the Top Ten Cities for College Hoops!

To determine 2018’s top spots for NCAA hoops, WalletHub examined data on more than 280 U.S. cities with college basketball teams in them.   WalletHub used a variety of survey metrics . . . including the number of teams per city and the winning percentage of each to stadium capacity and social-media engagement.  Here's a look at the Top Ten!

#10- College Park, Maryland

#9- East Lansing, Michigan

#8- Bloomington, Indiana

#7- Stoors, Connecticut

#6- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#5- Lexington, Kentucky

#4- Durham, North Carolina

#3- Los Angeles, California

#2- Lawrence, Kansas

#1- Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Of course, the Kentucky Wildcats will be back on WBKR this Friday afternoon when they open play as the #4 seed in the SEC Tournament.

Cardinals fans, Louisville finished #27.

If you'd like to see the full list of the Top Cities for College Hoops, CLICK HERE!



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