The forecast this week was met by a little anxiety from yours truly. And I'm not the only one.

The phrase "ice storm warning" isn't one we wanted to hear again after the devastation the 2009 ice storm brought the tri-state and the rest of Kentucky and Indiana.

The loss of life, the widespread and lengthy power was something we hadn't faced before and was a brutal shock to our collective system.

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Fortunately, the 2021 edition didn't deliver the kind of cataclysmic blow the one that came to us a dozen years ago did.

Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart reminded me today that we got 1-2 inches of ice back in 2009. That's when things start breaking and power goes out. This time, a quarter to a half inch was the most recorded.

An event like this week's leads to reminiscing. So I asked folks to share some 2009 ice storm stories with us.

Tri-State Residents Recall 2009 Ice Storm Stories

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