My buddy Jared Daugherty is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers.  Naturally, his wife Destiny knew that a perfect Christmas gift for him would be a Packers hoodie. Well, the idea was better in theory than in practice. The problem?  The online place she ordered the sweatshirt completely jacked up her order and Jared's fandom.  Yep! The NFL Shop sent a hoodie that said "Packers" but had the Philadelphia Eagles mascot on it.  Jared's reaction was priceless and, luckily, Destiny captured it on video. WATCH!


Naturally, Jared wants to send the hoodie back.  Destiny, however, has other plans.  While she does plan to order a new hoodie, she wants to keep this one around to preserve that reaction!  LOL!  Jared's priceless reaction.


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