Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, people are looking for additional options to keep their families safe. Many shoppers already use the pick-up options offered at most grocery stores, but some will deliver right to your front door. I tried it for the first time and it was seamless.

My husband and I had a serious conversation about staying healthy through the coronavirus outbreak. I'm only allowed to go to the radio station to do my show, and then back home. I have multiple autoimmune diseases which can compromise my health. We know that if Chris continues to shop, he could still bring the virus back to me. We discussed that something had to change. I'm old school and have always gone to the grocery store, pushed around the cart, and loaded it with needed and sometimes, not needed items. I have never tried some of the other grocery services that my family and friends use. Until yesterday. Here's how easy it was to get groceries delivered to my home.

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I went to the grocery store website to set up an account. Of course, you can also shop thru their app.

And, then I started shopping. The site told me if anything was out of stock as I was filling my cart. For example, there was no bread, but I was able to get some hotdog buns. They will also substitute as well. The mayo I ordered became unavailable, so they just gave me a similar brand for the same price.

I ordered at 5PM on Sunday and they gave me until 1:45AM to add to my order or make any changes. I picked the time on Monday that I wanted it delivered. I chose between 3-4PM, and chose the text message option to let me know when they were on their way. My order arrived at 3:05PM.

They sent me a message that they were out of stock on two items, but otherwise everything on my order was as it should have been. Literally within 24 hours I had almost everything on my shopping list. There is a delivery fee and it's encouraged to tip the driver. I think my health is worth those fees.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, here's some options to keep your family fed....and, safe. Most stores don't have pickup fees, some have a $35 minimum order, and many have a $7.95 - $9.95 delivery fee, without the tip. Some use services from Shipt or Instacart. All, will let you know before you pickup or have anything delivered. Just click on the store name below and it will take you directly to their site.

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Walmart offers pick-up and delivery options so you can place orders online, and either pickup the items for free, or have them delivered to your home for a fee.

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Meijer offers multiple options to make your shopping easy. They have Meijer Home Delivery, Meijer Pickup, Meijer Shop & Scan, and Meijer Curbside. Some of the options do have fees attached.

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At Kroger locations you can choose grocery pickup, grocery delivery, have your bulk groceries shipped. It's easy for the team to help you get your grocery checklist done.

IGA offers same day pickup services after you place your order thru the app or website. No delivery options, unless you go through another local riding service.

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Aldi wants to make it simple to shop from the couch or while on the go. They offer pickup and delivery options.

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At Target you can order ahead and they’ll have your items waiting for you at the Order Pickup counter just inside the door. Or, you can have your order delivered in a timely fashion.

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Sam's Club offers in club pickup and at home delivery services.

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You can get what you love from Costco directly at your doorstep or schedule your pickup.

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You can get delivery of your prescriptions & everyday essentials from your local CVS Pharmacy.

Schnucks will deliver the products you love directly to your home.

With Gordon Food Service Stores in Evansville you can get your groceries delivered or do business & individual orders for pickup.

At Fresh Thyme in Evansville you can get not only groceries delivered to your home, but fresh meals as well.

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The Fresh Market in Evansville will deliver fresh veggies, fruit and more directly to your door.

Stay safe, stay healthy and if I missed any store, please let me know!

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