Owensboro-based printing business, Greenwell Chisholm, is helping make personal protective equipment for frontline health workers. #HERO

Greenwell Chisholm

Greenwell Chisholm has always given back to the community. They have a servants heart, so it's no surprise that they've stepped up yet again. They ALWAYS do, even when I reach out for help with Christmas Wish. That's why I want to thank this beautiful team for everything that they've been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This, and for so many other reasons, is why they were named the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce 2020 Business of the Year (11-50 Employees). #PROUD

Owensboro Health

"Greenwell Chisholm is no stranger to tough economic times - we survived the Great Depression and the 2008 recession just to name a few.", said Carl Greenwell, President at Greenwell Chisholm Printing Company

Greenwell went on to add, "When the pandemic hit and Governor Beshear called for manufacturers to step up and produce PPE, we put our heads together and determined that we could make face shields. We had some leftover clear plastic sheeting from an old job and ordered additional supplies to make a prototype. After several alterations, we had a solid product!"

"We donated the first 200 face shields to OHRH and will be donating more to nursing homes and area non-profits, as well as selling them to the State of KY. We expect to produce up to 30,000 face shields with the supplies we have on hand." Greenwell concluded.

They wanted to find a way to serve the community and the Commonwealth, while also being able to bring back furloughed employees. What a wonderful thing y'all are doing!

Greenwell Chisholm Makes PPE for Essential Workers

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