Valentine's Day 2022 was one for the record books at our local hospital here in Owensboro.  Yesterday was an incredibly romantic day at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital's cafeteria.

Brien Mathews, Owensboro Health's Executive Chef, decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Belinda, who's lovingly known around the hospital as Miss B. But Chef Brien didn't just put a ring on it.  Before he got down on one knee to pop the big question, he laid out an epic lip sync that's worthy of the stage at Owensboro's Lip Sync Battle.

Ray Mchenry, who also works at food services in the hospital, was there to capture every moment live on Facebook. And we're sure glad he did.  This is awesome.

WATCH! (By the way, if the video doesn't appear for you, simply click Watch on Facebook and it will redirect you.)

Coworkers and friends of the happy couple quickly shared their joy and enthusiasm about the big ask.

Melanie Wetzel Crump said: Oh Miss B! I absolutely love this!

Kathy Patterson Thompson was feeling it too. She said:  Oh my heart! This is the sweetest!

Terri Lashbrook shared: Awwww. Congratulations you two. So happy for your both!

Kristy Buchanon commented: I have no idea who these people are but OMG this is amazing! Best of wishes to the lucky couple!!!

Making this love story even more poignant is the fact that Chef Brien is currently battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments. However, there's no doubt he has the amazing love and support from Miss B and their coworkers to help get him through it.

The two joined us this morning on our show to chat about their big day!

As that Temptations song, "This is My Promise," goes, "Better or worse, I wanna honor you, Baby."  That's the song Chef Brien performed in the video and it was the perfect choice on so many levels.

Chef Brien honored Miss B in the most amazing way on Valentine's Day. He made the ultimate promise to her and, naturally, she was very honored to say "YES!"

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