Raise your hand if you LOVE Halloween! Me too, me too! My daughter and I have a tradition of making her costume - we start way back in summer and brainstorm. Then, I put my Pinteresting skills to work (the ONLY time of the year) and craft her something that's unlike anyone else. We've done Batgirl and Penguin, Ursula (he friend went as Ariel), Boo from Monsters Inc., Glenda the Good Witch (I was the Wicked Witch of the West), and last year she was the crazy cat lady. Full disclosure: we couldn't find stuffed cats so we had to use bears. Oh well... life is like that sometimes.

This year, I'm excited because we are going to Louisville to the Halloween Parade and Festival! On October 5, 2019, enjoy a day of FREE family-friendly Halloween activities including booths, food, entertainment, and then at 6 PM, the 17th Annual Louisville Halloween Parade takes off down the street.

According to the website, the festival boasts over 50 vendors, great local food, craft beer, live music, theatrical performances, contests and so much more.  And new this year is the Boos Zone and Family Fun Zone! The Family Fun Zone will have rides and inflatable for families to enjoy throughout the day. The Boos Zone offers adult entertainment with alcoholic beverages and great food. There's even a free trolley if you park along the street in the trolley zone. The parade will begin at the intersection of Baxter Avenue and Broadway in the Highlands. It will proceed down Baxter Avenue to Bardstown Road, where it will proceed to it's end at the Mid-City Mall. The parade will begin at 6PM, so it is best to have a spot to view the parade in advance.
If you are looking for the Halloween season celebration in Louisville, this is it! The Louisville Halloween Parade & Festival combines what you love about festivals in the Ville with one of the nation's BEST Halloween Parades. This will be the 17th year of the Halloween Parade along Baxter Avenue and Bardstown Road. We say this every year, but this year is shaping up to to be the best year yet! The Festival will begin at 12PM on Baxter Avenue from Bardstown Rd to Hepburn with live entertainment throughout the day, craft booths and other fun activities for you to enjoy. Then, at 6PM the ORIGINAL crown jewel of the day, the Louisville Halloween Parade, will march down the street from the corner of Baxter Avenue and Broadway down to Bardstown Road and Rosewood. We will end the day at the festival with more live music and a very special pumpkin glow. It is a day that you don't want to miss!

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