I guess it was inevitable, but the physical form of music we know as the compact disc is slowly going away and one store is removing them completely this summer. 


Best Buy will be pulling CDs from its stores in July. Can you guess how many CDs were purchased last year? 89 million, now that number seems like a lot but compared to 800 million sold in 2001, it's a significant sign we may not be seeing CDs in major stores anymore.

I remember the first CD I ever bought, it was a Stone Temple Pilots EP, and not long after that I bought The Lion King soundtrack. Hundreds of CDs later, I keep none at my apartment. They are all nicely boxed up and stored away in my old room in Hartford. What's more surprising than anything is that vinyl has made a huge comeback and they are slowing taking over retail shelves. I can kind of understand the nostalgia aspect of it, but if I want a new album or just one song, I'd rather download it. Records take up way more space than CDs and even cassettes.

I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years, cassettes will become the next nostalgia craze. I still have plenty of them too, and I have both a CD and cassette player in my car, which is an option that is disappearing from my new models. It's all digital and bluetooth.

It's the way of the future, but at what sentimental cost?


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