Jeremy Rogier of Tell City, Indiana was determined to do anything (and we mean ANYTHING) to get his wife, Charla, tickets to see Dolly Parton in concert.  In fact, he sent us an email we couldn't resist.

So, here's the email I received . . .


I know this is probably a huge long shot but for the love of my life I must try. My name is Jeremy Rogier and I was wondering if your station has any tickets for the Dolly Parton concert next month at the Ford Center? I am desperate for these tickets. They have a few still for sale but for a lot of money.  If you have these tickets here is my offer: I will wash all employees cars at the station, clean the station, dust, trash, ect. Stand outside with a sign directing people to tune in if that's what you want. I'm willing to work for these 2 tickets if you will let me. (Yes I love my wife this much). I await your decision and thank you for your time.
Jeremy Rogier

Well, we could tell Jeremy had a big heart and a GREAT sense of humor, so we hatched a plan.  To see Dolly, we decided to help him BE Dolly!


Congratulations, Jeremy!!  We know you and "the love of your life" are going to love Dolly!