Those of you eager to get a fresh look at the new 'Man of Steel' trailer should prepare to be happy. Just yesterday saw the release of a General Zod viral message to the citizens of Earth and Supes himself, which was extremely cool in and of itself, but today we've learned of a new site that counts down to the unveiling of the full 'Man of Steel' trailer. So when can we expect it? Find out after the break!

A screencap in the General Zod video led to an IP address which redirected to this URL: If you visit that site, you'll see a series of Kryptonian numbers that appear to be ticking away. We can tell you that this is a countdown to a new trailer, which will arrive online tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, April 16th) at approximately 5:15 pm EST - at which time the site will be visited by millions of anxious Superman fans.

Warner Bros. is going all out with this viral campaign, even putting up a static-covered billboard in L.A. recently. However, it's probably that once the new preview hits, the viral tactics will slow down and the full-on 'Man of Steel' marketing ambush will commence.

We will have the 'Man of Steel' trailer up on our Movie Trailers Hub soon after, so keep your eyes glued to this site for the latest 'Man of Steel' trailer tomorrow.

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