You can call it sneaky all you want, because it's sneaky in a VERY GOOD way. And, let's face's pretty ingenious.

And don't think for one second what Jordan (no last name given) has been doing hasn't given ME ideas.

You see, Jordan is no longer stuck when it comes to thinking of a gift idea for his wife. In fact, he hasn't been for years.

Jordan secretly follows his wife TyAnna's Pinterest page and has found that he's never at a loss for gift ideas.

It's like when they discovered fire millions of years ago..."You mean this was here all along?"

Yes, Pinterest HAS been here, but, until now, I've never heard of anyone being a secret follower of another's page to gather gift-giving ideas.

BuzzFeed talked to Jordan who said it all began after his first date with his wife back in 2014.

Of course, the cat's out of the bag now and it's even been suggested that TyAnna HAS known about this clever little maneuver for a while and has been planting ideas.

And if that, too, is the case, then kudos to TyAnna.

Seriously, what a great idea.


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