If you've lived in the Hannibal area and gone through the Mark Twain Cave complex more than a few times in your life, this really won't be news. However, a major travel website has just named it as one of the most family-friendly cave tours in all of Missouri.

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Missouri is rich with caves so the fact that the Mark Twain Cave complex has been named as one of the best in the state is really something. The website Travel Awaits just named it as #4 among the top 9 family-friendly caves in Missouri. Here's what they said about Mark Twain Cave:

Mark Twain Cave, a national natural landmark located near Hannibal, Missouri, was first opened for tours in 1886. It is one of just a few labyrinth-style caves in the world, where 260 passageways form crisscross patterns. The long-sought signature of a young Sam Clemens was discovered in Mark Twain Cave on July 26, 2019, during the cave’s bicentennial year.

They also noted the lack of stairs making it very easy for families to visit as opposed to some of the larger caves in southern Missouri that have steep descents. Easy walks for the win.

It's worth mentioning that Mark Twain Cave was listed among the cave greats in Missouri including Fantastic Caverns and Meramec Caverns as some of the best underground experiences you can have in the Show Me State. The Travel Awaits entire list is worth checking out and adding to your bucket list if you haven't visited them already.

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