Who remembers Dizzy Dave's on Triplett Street in Owensboro?  Okay, who remembers the big yellow rocket the store used to display?  That rocket, after decades, has found a brand new home.  It's ready for launch now at Marvin's Fireworks in Rockport.  LOOK!


Wayne and Sally, the owners of Marvin's, are the proud new owners of this vintage piece of Owensboro history.  They've actually been in possession of the rocket for 15 years.  After randomly finding it in Ohio County, Sally purchased the iconic Dizzy Dave's show piece for a whopping $20 (it was a Father's Day gift for Wayne)!  Then, she put Jeff Gillette (a.k.a. The Stripper) to work on it.  He stripped it down, preserved the piece and it's now officially on display again!

And the rocket is becoming a very popular feature at Marvin's Fireworks . . . just like it was at Dizzy Dave's.  Wayne and Sally say folks have been getting their photos snapped beside the rocket.  And some folks are posing by the rocket with rockets of their own!  They're posing with fireworks they have purchased inside the store.

So, if you're heading over to Rockport, Indiana, be on the look out for this rocket's red, white and blue glare.  It's bursting into air just three miles past Owensboro's famous blue bridge at Marvin's Fireworks!