U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell was on the Senate floor Wednesday to talk about the EPA’s ‘Utility MACT’ regulation that stifles job creation and threatens the livelihoods of many Americans.

Quoting McConnell:  ‘This regulation would expand the already massive powers given to the EPA by increasing red tape and costing the taxpayer over $10 billion dollars each year. In Kentucky alone, it threatens the jobs of over 1,400 people working in aluminum smelter plants as well as approximately 18,000 coal miners, not to mention those engaged in industries that support these jobs.’

In an effort to keep out listeners informed 1490 WOMI is posting a video containing the  Senator's comments on this site.

To comment on these regulations you can contact Senator McConnell's office here.

For additional information on Kentucky's Senior Senator and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell simply go to his official website.

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