U.S. Senate Mitch McConnell of Kentucky made the following statement on the Senate floor Tuesday regarding the tough job market college graduates are facing in the Obama economy: 


“It’s no secret that most Americans are tired of candidates for political office who make promises they don’t keep. And who can blame them? For years, politicians have been going to Washington promising to make government more effective and more efficient, to balance the books, make life more secure, and restore Americans’ confidence in their country again. And time and again, they’ve either failed to get it done or didn’t even really even make the effort in the first place.  

“But frankly, it’s hard to think of any politician who promised more and delivered less than our current President. He was the one who would erase old divisions and bring people together. He was the one who would rise above politics as usual and usher in a new era of bipartisan harmony. A lot of people believed him.

“Naturally, a lot of them are even more jaded now than ever. 

“They’re jaded, because a candidate who said he was different turned out to be just another politician who seems more concerned with reelection than reform. Not only has he failed to step up to the challenges we face, he’s aggravated them. Social Security is now expected to go broke three years sooner than we expected. The tax code is more complicated than ever. The national debt is bigger than any of us could have imagined. Health care costs are higher. Gas prices are up. Millions can’t find work. And even most college graduates — those best-equipped to step into the modern economy — either can’t find work to match their skills or can’t find work at all. 

“So instead of fixing problems, he made them worse...................

The entire contents of McConnell's speach are posted here:

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