Today I'm introducing you to Amanda Russell, who is competing in BKR Boot Camp as a part of Team Chad.  Amanda had a pretty good first week in the gym.  She's down three pounds already and is looking to drop much more!

Amanda is the only person on my team that I didn't know really well prior to the competition.    She is 27-years-old and works at the CVS Pharmacy and Daviess County Transportation.


Amanda has a 6-year-old son and a bonus daughter who is three.  Amanda and her fiance plan to marry in October and those pending nuptials are just one of the things that inspired Amanda to tackle BKR Boot Camp at Edge Body Boot Camp.  Amanda says she had been telling her fiance how uncomfortable she was with her current weight and how she wanted to do something about it.  She heard a "contest was being advertised and that WBKR had teamed up with Edge Body and I told myself this is my shot!"

Amanda has enjoyed some great success in her personal journey and some unfortunate setbacks as well.  See, she lost 100 pounds, but gained back 70 of those pounds after being placed on a medication that facilitated weight gain.  A pregnancy and miscarriage later, Amanda got to a point where she admits, "I physically hate looking at myself."

Amanda says overall health is another huge reason why she's on board with the program.  She adds, "I want to be around for my family for a long time."  Amanda is hoping to accomplish some very personal goals in this process.  She admits that she needs to get over her fear of having people watch her when she works out and she needs to continue to learn how to "eat clean."  Amanda hopes to lose ten pounds over this six-week journey, but we're going to be pushing her to go above and beyond that goal.  We know she can do it and we're going to be right alongside her cheering her on!


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