One of the things that irritates my husband the most is having to check himself out at grocery and retail stores. He gets all worked up and claims he should be added to the schedule like their employees because that's what he feels like when he is scanning and sacking his own stuff.

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He's not the only one that feels that way. Several people, I know hate self-checkout. But, there are others, like me, who are control freaks that like to sack out groceries a special way, who love it.

I understand the upside of self-checkout for the company. By having you check yourself out, they can save money on paying staff to be at the registers. Hence the reason most of us feel like we are getting the short end of the sick on this money-saving deal. Why? We aren't saving any money.

The companies aren't passing the savings on to us. They are just making more money while we do the work that they used to pay people to do.

I totally get why some people get so frustrated when the self-checkouts are the only registers open.

Leave it to someone who is creative and has a sense of humor to come up with one of the funniest things I've seen lately.

A guy named Spencer Norman and some of his friends scheduled a Wal-Mart self-checkout employee holiday party event on Facebook.

According to the group hosting the party,

2022 self-checkout employee party. Make sure to send your coworkers an invite. Please keep posts at a PG level. We hope everyone has a good time. Happy holidays!!
Spencer Norman/Facebook
Spencer Norman/Facebook

Even though the party would be in Osage Beach MO, The post is going viral. Because, everyone who had ever self-checked out at Walmart, or any store, so many times, felt like they should be getting a paycheck and signing up for benefits and a 401K.

I love when someone turns something that is not funny, at all, into a funny.


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