Mix tapes, mix cds, we all have them. Although I probably made more cds than tapes, almost all of my mix tapes consisted of songs recorded off the radio. I just happened to find one in my sister's old room and it's a hoot!

Side A:


I don't think I ever got above a B in handwriting, now I see why. I'm thinking this is definitely from 1988. One song that threw me for a loop is "Strange But True". I had zero memory what it sounded like. I found it, anyone else remember it?

Oddly enough, Times Two opened up for Debbie Gibson. "Foolish Beat" was one of the saddest songs and videos I had ever seen up until that time. Who didn't love The Jets?

Side B:


Apparently, my cursive was just as bad and I made a mistake in maybe song order. Who is K.M.? Kylie Minogue, I bet I didn't know how to spell it. Who had both 'Dirty Dancing' soundtracks? I couldn't get enough of "Do You Love Me?". And then I moved right into hard rock with Guns N' Roses. Samantha Fox, what was I thinking?

Show me your mix tapes!