Angel here!  I have always heard the bigger the bow the better the mom.  Today is National Bow Day and moms of the Tri-State are uniting-->

It is no secret that I love putting BIG bows on my daughter, Charlotte.  I wanted to share some of her biggest bows with you on National Bow Day.

I also asked Mom's in the Tri-State to share their BIG BOWS-->

Nikki Sims
Nikki Bidwell Stallings
Katie Lowe
Sara Lanham
Melissa Petty
Angie Rice
Crissy Bowman
Tina Gough
Amber Teasley
Kelly Sanders Strehl
Priscilla Miller
Brooke Lawerence
Amber Teasley
Lisa Fermi
Michelle Vincent
Krissy DeLacey
Lindsay Gaddis
Rheonna Johnson
Kristi Kirby
Marty Settles
Jonathan Hagan
Josh Morton
Sara Lanham
Jessica Weafer
Jamie Kays
Haley Hoover
Samantha Ward
Serenity Brantley
Kayla Michelle
Brandi Wheeler
Kara Barbour
Valerie Rittmeyer
Jessica Slaton
Kristin Atwell
Misty Smith
Sherri Boehman
Natalie Bristow
Holly Grenier
Samantha Moseley
Chelsea Hoffman
Mackenzie Houston
Laura Hurm
Angel Welsh


See Uncle Chad we aren't totally alone!  Big Bows are in.  They may all need a chiropractor later in life but that is the price to pay for beauty!