Have you ever Googled yourself?  I recently did it and of course, it led me to wbkr.com. Then, I thought, "Let's Google 'Neal' Mullins". So, I searched for me under my real name and lo and behold someone was selling something on eBay that was very meaningful to me. Here I'll show you.

Moon Mullins photo
Moon Mullins photo

This is a Talking Book I recorded in 1969 at the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville. Over the course of nine years I recorded over 300 books and thousands of periodicals. As my career winds down I look upon that experience as one of the top three things I cherish.

To top all of this off, this set of records was the FIRST book I recorded there.

I told my wife Debra about it while she was visiting her mother. They both insisted I buy it. I told them it's a 16 rpm record. They don't make turntables that play that speed anymore.

Still they insisted. So, I bought the set for $35. When I get to Houston, I have to figure out how to play these discs!

If you'd like to see the film you can buy it here. But, warning! It's a 14-hanky tearjerker.




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