I, for one, am not too thrilled about the troubles legendary retailer JC Penney is facing. I like their prices and they have clothes that fit us big guys.

But that's not going to be enough, it seems, to keep what seems like the inevitable from happening.

It was announced today that 138 more JC Penney stores would be closing.

I look over the list to see there were any in Kentucky and so far so good.

Then I looked for Indiana and...well, it was time to tap the breaks.

While Evansville's JC Penney is fine, for now, another one in our fair tri-state isn't going to be so lucky.

The JC Penney located in Jasper Manor Center in Jasper will be closing its doors.

But what's worse than losing a store with great prices is the fact that some 5,000 workers will need to look for jobs.

I suppose online shopping has put such a dent into the brick-and-mortar world that we may never get some of these places back.

At the risk of sounding grim, how many more of these are going to vanish? And how many OTHER brands are going to start peeling back?

Online shopping is, yes, very convenient, but is it heading toward creating a nation of ghost towns?

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