As we all prepare to celebrate our mothers this Sunday, here's  an interesting fact about Mother's Day and the Tri-State that you  may not have known!


Have you ever wondered how we began to celebrate Mother's Day? When did it start? Who created it? The answers to those questions are quite interesting because it began right here in the Tri-State; Henderson, Kentucky to be exact.

According to the Henderson County Tourist Commission, Mother’s Day wouldn’t be possible without the originator of Mother’s Day, Mary Towles Sasseen. Sasseen was a Henderson school teacher who planned the first Mother’s Day program in 1887 at her school on April 20, which was also the same day as her Mother’s Birthday (my mom's too).

I never knew that we had a national holiday see its origins right here in the Tri-State. So before you plan your big day for Mom this Sunday, take a moment to learn more about the creation and events that lead to Mother's Day being a national holiday. It's very interesting to see how it all got started in Henderson!




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