I was in Tennessee several years ago, and as I was coming down a hill on I-65, I moved back into the right lane to get around a high-profile vehicle that was going well under the speed limit.

Just as I got into the right lane, there was a Tennessee state trooper on the shoulder with somebody he'd pulled over.

I only saw him JUST as I got into that lane.

He was just finishing up with the driver he'd stopped and then got in behind me and pulled me over.

He got my info and asked me if we had "move over" laws in Kentucky.

At that time, I didn't know if we did or not but I always pull over when I see an officer on the shoulder.

I explained to him that I hadn't seen him until I was right there and he gave me a warning.

But first, he told me the awful story of a trooper who'd been hit by a truck on Interstate 40 just one week before. The trooper had died from his injuries.

Well, close calls have been mounting in Kentucky and Indiana so much that a crackdown on "move over" laws is about to begin.

WLWT/Cincinnati reports that state police in Kentucky and Indiana, as well as Ohio and three other states, will be cracking down on motorists who don't slow down or move over when they approach an officer on the shoulder.

The report also mentions a Bowling Green-based officer who survived being hit by a vehicle and thrown through the air, but had to retire on disability after only 15 days on the job.

Too many close calls have necessitated the crackdown, which begins Sunday.


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