In John Prine's "Paradise", he mentions "...old Airdrie hill" and I'm not sure I had ever seen a picture or video of it until a couple of weeks ago. The KET series 'Kentucky Life' recently aired an episode entitled, "Abandoned Kentucky", and the first segment focuses on the abandoned Airdrie Iron Works near Paradise in Muhlenberg County.

I love history and I was excited to learn more about it. And when I did some research, I found there's a site dedicated to renovating the furnace tower and steam engine building. Here's video that local historian Barry Duvall shot when the KET crew was on site last November.

The structure is crumbling, but it's stood the test of time, since 1855. Even though the iron works didn't quite work out, the ultimate payoff came in the form of the creation of the area's coal industry.

If you missed the episode, no problem, click here to watch it!



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