I remember a very long time ago, my mother told me that when she turned 80, she was going to make a chocolate pie every single week and eat it.

I thought it sounded like a plan. It didn't exactly pan out--no pun intended--but she did manage to make a few lemon icebox pies, which is plenty fine with me.

When you get past a certain age, every year should be a huge celebration on your birthday. And when you're a centenarian, it is party time, right?

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With that, we head down 431 to Greenville, Kentucky and Maple Health and Rehabilitation, where Myrtle Shutt is celebrating her 102nd birthday today.

Luke Jenkins

Myrtle is a fan favorite at Maple Manor and, just so you'll know, that bonnet she's wearing isn't a "special occasion" bonnet. My friend Cindy Waltz is a nurse at Maple and she tells me that that is Myrtle's go-to ensemble; she always wears a silk bonnet. Because, why not?

Hey, check out this amazing photo of Myrtle and her family from what looks like the late 40s, early 50s. And, by the way, I'm familiar with the technique you see exemplified here. There was no color film back then, so photographers would sometimes paint the black and white image. My grandmother used to do that all the time.

Nancy Fairchild

And I had to share this with you from Maple's Facebook page. Olan Mills, circa 1983. Does that bring back memories, or what?

April 1st, 1919 was quite a day. That's when the world got Myrtle, and, a century later, we are still celebrating--with 102 roses, no less, and one white rose to grow on.

Luke Jenkins

Happy Birthday, Myrtle!

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