With Malaysia Flight 370 still missing and with more news rolling in about the Ukraine, we don't usually get time to talk about the jams.  They call these people artists because of the things they are capable of.  Like say writing a song in 20 minutes.

I'll be honest, it would take me hours to write a one page paper and I have a hard time spreading my mind out far enough to write a song, so looking over this list is astonishing.

The quick list

1.  "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", The Rolling StonesKeith Richards laid down the hook on a bedside tape recorder just before falling asleep.

2. . "Under Pressure", Queen & David Bowie.  They supposedly wrote it in one night . . . although some say the classic bass line was added later.

3.  "What'd I Say", Ray Charles.  He came up with the groove while screwing around at the end of a late night set.

4.  "Single Ladies", BeyoncéThe-Dream produced it, and says it was completed in just 20 minutes.

5.  "Sweet Child O' Mine", Guns N' RosesSlash says the riff came together in five minutes, and the rest of the song followed.

6.  "Skyfall", Adele.  She wrote the lyrics in 10 minutes . . . and it won her a Grammy, a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

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