Okay, as we get older, birthdays become less important. Yeah, I've already bypassed old 40 milestone, but I was wondering who else has a birthday on not just October 13th, but on the 13th in general? 

13 just happens to be my lucky number. Don't hate, I have my reasons. It goes against the grain, it's an odd number, people cower when it's Friday the 13th and yeah my birth date has a little bit to do with it.

I went home for a short trip and I was feeling a little nostalgic so I dug through a cabinet to find my baby book. As I suspected, 13 played a bigger part in my journey into the world, look!

Baby book #1

Wow! I was born on the 13th minute? I knew it had a three in it, but I had no clue it was 3:13 a.m. And this is proof I was NOT born on a Friday. There's nothing wrong with a Monday.

Since I hadn't looked through the book in a while, I thought I would amuse you all with this entry.

Baby book #2

At six weeks, I was already digging the Eagles, but then it goes downhill. I do still love the Happy Days theme song. I'm just kidding. But which Kentucky Fried Chicken theme are we talking about here?

Oh who knows? Now I'm hungry and remember when they served rolls?!?

On this Friday the 13th, 2017, a horror movie is coming out that part Groundhog Day and part YIKES! What's up with that baby mask?

Lucky for me (you see!) I love horror movies! Here's to number 42. And here is some information about fear of Friday the 13th.

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