A couple of weeks ago, I was in Sacramento broadcasting live at N Salon's brand new location on Main Street.  After giving me a tour of the new boutique and salon location, Natalie asked, "Hey, are you hungry?"  Well, I had literally just driven to Sacramento directly from a morning show broadcast at Gaylord Opryland Resort, so my short answer was "Heck yeah, I'm hungry!"  So, Natalie introduced me to her brand new restaurant, Nat's on Main, where I literally sampled my own weight in food.


As you can see, the day I was at Nat's on Main, the restaurant was decked out in its McLean County Cougar pride!  That afternoon, the Cougars, following their first win over the Owensboro Catholic Aces since 1992, were headed to Somerset to play for a spot in the Class A Final Four.

But, before Natalie and Brent headed out for their football road trip, they took me inside and literally loaded me up with food!  I ate like a wild boar.  LOL!

Natalie started me out with deep fried breadsticks.  Yeah, I had never heard of deep-frying breadsticks, but they were amazing.  I honestly didn't give myself time to get a photo because I inhaled them.

Oh, wait.  I almost forgot.  When I got to Nat's, the staff was having lunch and they were going to town on a different kind of breadsticks.  As a matter of fact, a local Independence Bank employee came in for lunch and ordered and salad and those same sticks.  So, I got a pic of hers for you.

So, yes.  I started my lunch with two different kinds of breadsticks and I will not be judged for it. And it's a good thing.  Nat followed those up with another appetizer . . . her popular spring rolls!  Again, I didn't get a photo because I split my plate with a random customer.

Then it was onto the "Main" event- a chicken bacon ranch flatbread.


And, yes.  It was as good as it looks.  You know how goldfish will allegedly die if they eat too much.  That's how I felt.  LOL!  I felt like a big old fat goldfish Natalie was shoving food into.  But it was DELICIOUS!!  And we weren't even close to being finished with my lunchtime feeding frenzy.

Natalie then served me up a dish of Fettuccine Alfredo (which was flippin' awesome).  And we topped of lunch (as massive as it was) with dessert.


I mean, really?  Because I knew there was ZERO chance I was going to be able to eat all that, I shared it with my new friend from Independence Bank.

For the record, I didn't finish the flatbread or Fettuccine either, so Nat boxed them up and I brought them back to the 'Boro.  Kevin and I were able to make two more meals out of the leftovers.

I haven't spent much time in Sacramento but I now know a go-to spot when I roll through town.  And it's exactly where you'd expect it to be.  Nat's on Main . . . right on Main Street in the heart of Sacramento, Kentucky.  Cozy, quaint and freaking delicious.

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