Angel here and I recently learned one of the actors from Sweet Magnolias has ties to Holiday World and I was super intrigued so I checked it out and sure enough.

First and foremost I barely ever watch television.  I get about 20 minutes in when I am doing my cardio on the treadmill or stairs.  I started watching the Netflix series 'Sweet Magnolias' and fell in love.

The show is staged in the small town of Serenity.  It's a romantic drama starring Joanna Garcia Swisher, who you might remember more as Cheyenne from Reba (another one of my favorite shows) and Chris Klein most notably known from all of the American Pie movies.

It is about three women who have been the very best of friends since they were little girls growing up together in a small town, raising families, love, and their careers.

Chris Medlin plays the part of Issac, a cook at Sullivan's which is the main restaurant in town.  At first, I wasn't sure about him.  The way the character is written he seemed a bit sketchy.  He is caught sneaking around Dana Sue's (Owner of Sullivan's) also another one of the main character's offices.  Without giving away anything you come to love Issac and begin rooting for him.  If you are a mom you just want to hug that sweet boy's neck (in my best southern voice).

As I was talking with Chad about my sadness from finishing Season One last Friday he said "you know one of the characters worked at Holiday World and on Broadway?!"

UMMMMM NO I DIDN'T!  It checks out.  Chris was part of the events and show crew.

Chris is on the far right with a brown guitar.

I had the opportunity to speak with Chris (who is exceptionally nice) and asked him about his time at Holiday World and here's what he had to say;

I was in the 80s Rewind cast as a vocalist in the summer of 2013. I had the Michael Jackson feature and was also Holiday World’s nominee for Male Performer of the Year at the 2013 IAPPA’s (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions). 

 My time at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is near and dear to my heart. The show was put up by Nashville-based Matt Davenport Productions, a company I had worked with the summer prior at HersheyPark. At the time, I was in between having just moved out of Los Angeles and eventually moving to NYC. Sandi Ludlow Fortune and Matt Eckert were instrumental to such an enjoyable experience. My time at the park was welcoming and accepting from day one. Holiday World, paired with Matt Davenport Productions, really cultivated an atmosphere that allowed us to step into what makes us special and gives us the space to grow into stronger performers. 

And now moving into more tv/film work as Isaac Downey on Sweet Magnolias on Netflix that dropped this May... while balancing a career on Broadway with Mean Girls (2018) and Diana (2020 - on hold for the pandemic), I’ve received nothing but love and support from everyone I met during my time in Santa Claus, Indiana. And having the chance to grow in that safe space motivated me to direct focus back towards my own original music that I started releasing on all digital stores and streaming earlier this year. 


I spoke to Matt Eckert, President/CEO of Holiday World and this is what he had to say about Chris' time with them

Chris was with us for one season though it seemed like much more given the amount of talent he brought to the stage. He was in our 80s Rewind Show, and I remember telling our Director of Entertainment, “this kid is going to make it big.” Not only does he have an incredible voice, is an amazing dancer, and great stage presence, he has heart. He is one of the most kind and humble guys I have ever met and I am thrilled beyond words that his dreams are coming true. He totally deserves it.

He also starred in the Broadway show Mean Girls.

Chris is very talented.  Here are a few videos of his major dance skills.

If you have the opportunity to watch the series please do it.  I cannot wait for Season 2.  Chris is excellent and I am interested to see where the show takes is character.


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